Winston County is located in the northwest portion of Alabama in the southeastern foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  Terrain varies fromlow rolling hills covered with evergreens to spectacular gorges, picturesque rock bluffs, and hardwood forests.  With its hometown feel and southern charm, Winston County is a cozy rural area wrapped in the conveniences of a big city.  Warm summers andmild winters nestled withinthe Bankhead National Forest with Smith Lake as a beautiful, luxurious backdrop make it a comfortable place to live, visit or do business.

  • bask in the warm water of Smith Lake by swimming, skiing, boating or fishing
  • enjoy hiking, camping, picnicing or driving in the Bankhead National Forest
  • shop at unique stores county-wide
  • engage in the excellent educational programs
  • utilize the exceptional medical care
  • join various clubs and associations
  • get involved in economic opportunities
  • dine at local or lake front restaurants

  • Welcome to Winston County, Alabama!