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Region 1 Workforce Development Council

Region 1 Workforce Development Council

RUSSELLVILLE, AL – The Region 1 Alabama Workforce Development Council was called to order by Chairman Grady Batchelor at 11:30 a.m. at the Franklin County Department of Human Resurces office.¬† The roll was called by Joy Pace-Isom and a quorum was present.¬† The minutes of the previous meetng held May 14, 2009 were adopted and approved.¬† A report¬†was provided by Sarah Horton¬†of the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development updating the Council on several key¬†upcoming dates associated with th3 2009 approval process an also matters related to the stimulus funds.¬† Proposals had been¬†prior to the meetng and reviewed by the propoal review committee¬†to ensure the proposals meet the criteria set forth by the Council and to make recmmendations to¬†¬†the Council.¬† The following proposals were submitted, recommended for approval by the proposal review committee, and subsequently approved by the Council.

  • Northwest-Shoals Community College – “Ready to Work Program”
  • Northwest-Shoals Community College – “Automotive Service Technology for the 21st Century”
  • Northwest-Shoals Community Cllege/Colbert Cunty Schools/Colbert Heights High School – “Articulated/Dual Enrollment Welding Program”
  • Northwest-Shoals Community College – “Phil Campbell Campus Multi-Skilled Traiing Center”
  • Northwest-Shoals Community College – “Tuition Payment Program for Career Technical, Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Students”
  • Bevill State Community College – “Career Technical Dual Enrollment”
  • Bevill State Community Cllege – “Career Coahces Initiative”

Grady Batchelor will be¬†attending and participating in the State Proposal Review Meeting at the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development on¬†August 3, 2009.¬†

Grady Batchelor thanked NACOLG for providing lunch and Jerry Groce, Director of the Franklin County Human Resource Department, for providing the facility.

The next meeting will be determined based on proposals and state timelines.

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